Chapter I Total Code

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the 'Terms and Conditions') is to prescribe matters concerning the conditions and procedures for the use of all websites provided by the Association (, hereinafter referred to as the 'Service') between the Korea Geotechnical Association (hereinafter referred to as the 'Association') and its customers (hereinafter referred to as the "members")

Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)

The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:

  • The term 'member' means a person who agrees to this Agreement, enters into a service contract with the Association, and is granted a user ID.
  • The term 'use contract' means all contracts concluded between the association and its members regarding the use of the service, including these terms and conditions.
  • 'User ID' refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by a member and approved by the association for the identification of members and the use of services.
  • 'Password' refers to the combination of letters and numbers set by the member to verify the identity of the member identified by the user ID.
  • The term 'manager' means a person selected by the association for the overall management and smooth operation of the service.
  • 'Termination' refers to the cancellation of a service contract by a member.

Article 3 (Efficiency and Change of Terms of Use)

  1. The contents of this Agreement shall be effective by posting it on the service screen or by other means to notify the members.
  2. The Association may change these terms and conditions if a reasonable cause arises, and shall notify the members of the changed terms and conditions without delay.

Article 4 (Excluding Terms and Conditions)

Matters not specified in this Agreement may be applied to the purpose of the relevant statutes and the terms and conditions of each service.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement

Article 5 (Enforcement of a contract for use)

  1. The service contract shall be established by the consent of the members' agreement on the details of the service contract and the approval of the association for the application for use.
  2. Consent to the service contract shall be deemed to agree to this agreement when the member clicks the "I agree" button on the terms and conditions below.

Article 6 (Application for Use)

  1. The application is made by accessing the service online and filling it out according to the application form of the association.
  2. All members must provide their own information to use the service. Members who do not register their exact information, such as stealing others' information or registering false information, cannot claim any rights regarding the use of the service and may be punished according to the relevant statutes.

Article 7 (Approval and Limitations of Applications for Use)

  1. The Association accepts the use of the service when applying for the use pursuant to Articles 5 and 6.
  2. The academic society may withhold its consent in any of the following cases:
    - Where he/she fails to provide his/her accurate information
    - Where he/she files an application for the purpose of undermining the peace, order, and customs of the society
    - Where he/she intends to use this service for fraudulent purposes
    - Where other requirements for use as prescribed by the Society are insufficient;
  3. In any of the following cases, the Association may withhold its consent until the reasons for restricting acceptance are resolved:
    - Where there is no room for facilities,
    - Where there is a technical disturbance in the institution
    - Where it is difficult to approve the use of the facility due to circumstances of the society;
  4. The Association may withdraw its consent to use the member if any of the reasons referred to in the subparagraphs of paragraph (2) are found after the completion of the membership registration procedure.

Article 8 (Changes in Contracts)

The member shall modify the information entered at the time of application online, and the member shall be responsible for any problems caused by the failure to change.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Parties

Article 9 (Duties of the Society)

  1. The association shall not divulge or distribute the personal information of the members who are aware of the service to third parties without their consent.However, this shall not apply to cases where there is a request from a state agency pursuant to the provisions of the Framework Act on Telecommunications, etc., where there is an investigative purpose for a crime, or where there is a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or where there is a request in accordance with the procedures prescribed by other relevant statutes.
  2. The association may prepare and use statistical data on all members or some personal information related to its work within the scope of paragraph 1.
  3. In order to provide continuous and stable service, the association shall repair or restore the facility without delay unless there is an unavoidable reason.

Article 10 (Duties of Members)

  1. When a member applies for membership or changes his/her membership information, he/she shall prepare all information based on facts, and he/she shall not claim all rights related to the application for membership or registration of false or other person's information.
  2. The member shall not perform any of the following acts when using the service:
    - the act of negating the identity of another member.
    - The act of duplicating information obtained from the service for purposes other than the members' use without prior consent from the association, using it for publication, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to a third party;
    - the act of infringing on other rights, such as copyrights of academic societies, copyrights of third parties, etc.
    - The act of disseminating information, sentences, shapes, etc. in violation of public order and customs to others;
    - an act that is objectively judged to be linked to sin.
    - other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations.
  3. The members shall comply with the matters stipulated in the terms and conditions and other matters notified by the association, such as the various regulations and notices set by the association.
  4. The members shall not engage in business activities using the service without prior consent from the association, and the association shall not be responsible for the results of such business activities.
  5. The member shall not transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status of the service contract to another person unless there is explicit consent from the association, and shall not provide such service as collateral.

Article 11 (Duties on the User ID (ID) and Password Management of Members)

The member shall be responsible for the management of the user ID and password of the password. The members shall be responsible for all consequences of negligence, and the Association shall not be held liable for such negligence.

Chapter 4 Utilization of Services

Article 12 (Service Hours)

  1. In principle, the service shall be operated 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a year, unless there is a special problem with the work or technology of the association. However, the association may suspend the service on the day or time set by the association for regular system inspection, extension, and replacement, and the suspension of the service due to the scheduled work is notified in advance through the website.
  2. The association may temporarily suspend all or part of the service without prior notice in case of unavoidable reasons, such as urgent system inspection, extension and replacement, facility failure, power failure, etc.

Article 13 (Members' postings, etc.)

  1. Posts refer to posts, photos, various files and links posted by members while using the service.
  2. The association may take relevant measures, such as suspending, modifying, deleting, moving, or refusing to register the following posts, etc. without prior consent from the members:
    - In the event of a serious insult or damage to another member or third party;
    - In the case of disseminating or linking content that violates the public order and customs;
    - In the case of advertising for profit purposes
    - Where it is objectively recognized that it is related to a crime;
    - In the case of infringing on other rights, such as copyrights of other users or third parties;
    - In the case of judging that the society does not conform to the nature of the service by the content of a private political judgment or religious opinion;
    - In the event that it violates the principles of posting prescribed by the academic society or does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board;
    - Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant statutes;

Article 14 (Copyright on Posts)

  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights to posts or works created by the Society belong to the Society.
  2. The copyright of the posting posted by the member in the service belongs to the member who posted it, and the association cannot use the post without the consent of the publisher. However, in non-profit cases, the members may use the posts registered by the members to a reasonable extent in accordance with the fair practices stipulated in the Copyright Act without the permission of the members.
  3. The member shall not use the information obtained using the service commercially, such as processing or selling it.

Article 15 (Providing Information)

The association may provide members with various information deemed necessary to use the service by e-mail, letter, SMS, or telephone. If the member does not want to use the service, he/she may apply for refusal to receive information from the service use application or the member information modification menu.

Chapter 5 Termination and Restriction of Use of Contracts

Article 16 (Cancellation and Use Restriction)

  1. When a member intends to terminate a service contract, he/she shall apply for cancellation to the association through online (e-mail).
  2. If a member commits any of the following acts, the association may terminate the service contract without prior notice or suspend the use of the service for a fixed period:
    - If someone else's service ID and password are stolen
    - Intentionally obstructing service operation.
    - If the name you joined is not your real name
    - If the same user double-registered with a different ID
    - In the case of intentionally disseminating content that is detrimental to public order and customs;
    - Where a member plans or implements the use of the service for the purpose of undermining the national or social interests;
    - Where he/she commits an act that damages or disadvantages the honor of others;
    - The transmission of large amounts of information or advertising information for the purpose of hindering the stable operation of the service;
    - In case of infringement of intellectual property rights of the academic society, other members or third parties;
    - Where there is a request for correction by an external agency, such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or where the Election Commission has received an authoritative interpretation in connection with illegal electioneering;
    - Where information obtained by using the service information of an academic society is reproduced, distributed, or used commercially without prior consent of the academic society;
    - In the case that a member who has been dormant for a long time has not expressed his/her intention to use the service even within the period of notification;
    - In the case of violation of other conditions of use prescribed by the Association;

Chapter 6 Damage and Other Matters

Article 17 (Reimbursement for Damage)

The Association shall not be liable for any damage to its members unless it is intentionally or by negligence in connection with the use of the services provided free of charge.

Article 18 (Exemption Clause)

  1. If the society is unable to provide services due to natural disasters, wars, or other force majeure equivalent thereto, it is exempted from responsibility for providing services.
  2. The association is exempted from responsibility for damages caused by unavoidable reasons, such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.
  3. The association is exempted from responsibility for damages caused by unavoidable reasons, such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.
  4. The association shall not be responsible for the failure or loss of the members' expected profits using the service, nor shall it be liable for damages caused by the data obtained while using the service.
  5. The association shall not be responsible for the contents of various information, data, reliability, and accuracy posted by the members on the service, and shall be exempted from responsibility for damages caused by other data obtained through the service.

Article 19 (Notices)

If the association notifies the member, the member may substitute the individual notification by using the e-mail address registered with the association or by posting it on the notice board for more than five days.

Article 20 (Trial Rights and Compliance Laws)

  1. Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the relevant laws and customs of the Republic of Korea, such as the Telecommunications Business Act.
  2. If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court shall have jurisdiction over the location of the secretariat of the association.

<a supplementary clausegt>

This Agreement shall apply from 1 January 2008.